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Defiant of Greymane
Defiant is an Alliance raiding guild on the Greymane (US) server. Our guild is predicated upon mutual assistance, cooperation, and fun.
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Rotface disnefected! Hygene upheld!
01/31/2010 08:50 PM by Mugglebane

The putrid mess known as Rotface offended our sensibilities so we disinfected him into oblivion!

As usual, extra thanks go to Oursavior for the tremendous video effort.


Saurfang deaded. First wing of ICC cleared!
01/19/2010 05:25 PM by Mugglebane

I've been remiss about updating our boss kills. Kudos to OurSavior for recording the sweet boss kill video!


Lord Marrowgar deboned.
12/15/2009 07:29 PM by Mugglebane

Lord Marrowgar suffered severe bone breaks and compound fractures. Defiant raiders easily downed this boss in 10 and 25 man modes during the first week of ICC raiding.

25-man footage can be streamed here.

Thanks to OurSavior for the great video footage!


Defiant freshens Onyxia's breath
09/23/2009 12:24 AM by Mugglebane

Defiant raiders ignored Onyxia's heavy breathing and crushed her in 10-man and 25-man modes on the first night. Our Ony 25 kill was the 4th on the server. Move over Mentos! We are the Freshamkerâ„¢

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Anub deaded.
09/09/2009 02:38 PM by Mugglebane

Cancel the call for the Orkin man! Neither icicles nor angry mutant cockroaches could stop Defiant's successful completion of ToC-25. Thanks to Oursavior for recording the fight.


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